Matsu Black 4 Panel Room Divider or Screen

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Constructed of a high-quality, eco-friendly flat-slatted bamboo for lightness and extra durability, the Matsu Screen is finished in a warm and luxurious rich black (as seen below).

The kickboard is a unique feature, usually found on much more expensive Screens, is further enhanced with a sturdy hardwood frame incorporating a wood bottom panel for strength and increased stability. Sturdy and secure, this Screen is easily folded away for storage, and its flawless design makes this room accent timeless. The extra benefit is that the Matsu Screens is double sided and therefore looks beautiful from either direction.

Height 180cm (5’11” or 71″)
Depth (per panel) – 2cm
Depth (total when closed) – 9cm
Width (fully open) 177cm (5’10” or 70″)
Width (per panel) 44cm (1’5″ or 17″)
Approximate maximum width when free-standing (zig-zagged for stability) is 162cm (5’4″ or 64″)

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  1. M. Rooth

    Love them. Thanks

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