ARTHOUSE Bright Stripe 3 Panel Screen

£88.00 inc. VAT

ARTHOUSE Bright Stripe 3 Panel Screen

£88.00 inc. VAT

Release your inner artist with this immediate injection of colour! Refuse to accept that just because you can’t redecorate means that your room must be boring. With this fantastically vibrant striped 3 panel screen, the control is in your hands to add a strip of creativity to your home, adding a focal point and some personality into your living space.

Ideal for adults and children alike, the bright design on this room divider attracts the eye immediately, allowing you to highlight specific areas and detract from the clutter that is hidden behind it!

Add a touch of art to your room.

A huge injection of colour into a neutral room will create a real conversation started within the home.

Note: This screen is printed on one-side only and has a black canvas reverse.

Height: 150cm
Width (fully open): 120cm
Depth: 2.5cm

See the features from Style At Home October and Stylista Homes February 2012.


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