ARTHOUSE Animals ABC 3 Panel Screen

£88.00 inc. VAT

ARTHOUSE Animals ABC 3 Panel Screen

£88.00 inc. VAT

This inspirational decorative screen serves a dual purpose, not only does it help conceal the piles of toys mounted in the corner of your child’s bedroom, but it also serves as an educational reminder. The bold colours and expressional pictures encourage your child to focus on the letters and numbers whilst keeping their bedroom appearing neat and tidy.

The three panels are lightweight and easy to move around with their hinges folding smoothly to allow the opening and closing of the room divider to be as simple as possible. The stunning design is suitable for bedroom or playroom alike and is light and manoeuvrable enough to be stashed away easily when play-time arrives.

Note: This screen is printed on one-side only and has a black canvas reverse.

Height: 150cm
Width (fully open): 120cm
Depth: 2.5cm


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